Professional English – German Translator

Stephan Meinke

I am Stephan, and I operate from my home office, dedicated to facilitating communication and understanding between individuals and organizations worldwide.

At a glance:

  • Translation Certificate (long distance learning AKAD, Stuttgart)
  • B.Sc.from the University of British Columbia
  • Over 18 years of experience in translation

My story

Growing up in Germany, I have always been fascinated by different cultures and nations. This curiosity led me to embark on a journey of travel, which ultimately brought me to the picturesque province of British Columbia, where I studied geology and worked in remote locations in Canada’s Far North. I relished the blend of scientific research, exotic exploration, and immersion in the English language.

Following the start of my family, I recognized an opportunity to pursue my passions and utilize my language skills and cultural knowledge from the comfort of my home. To achieve this, I enrolled in a translation program at AKAD in Stuttgart and have been working as a professional translator since 2005.


In my free time…

When not working on the translation of documents in various fields, including but not limited to engineering, tourism, science, law, and more, I enjoy spending time with my family exploring, capturing, and documenting the natural beauty of British Columbia through photography and videography.

Please take a moment to review my services and see how I can assist you with your language-related needs.


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